Saturday, November 25, 2017

Update on the Fuel Pump

After about 25 hours on the replacement pump all the pressure readings are back to normal. The first 5 hours or so I was watching a break-in period though. The pressure would oscillate at about half a Hertz. Rise about half a pound, fall about half a pound and so on. It all worked itself out over the first few hours and the overall pressure also came back up to known levels.
So if you ever have to do this and the new pump appears to be behaving differently, give it some time and stay in gliding range of a landing opportunity during evaluation.

I finally got around to open the old pump and I was a bit disappointed.

This is the inside of the head

I actuated the diaphragm but regardless how close I looked I could not find any tear in the diaphragm material. Still, I know the pressure dropped to zero when I turned the electric fuel pump off, so there has to be a leak I just can't see it.

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