Monday, May 23, 2016

The End of The Blue Plague

I was out at the hangar on Saturday morning to fly out for breakfast but the wind had not developed as forecast. It had looked like I might have a small window to get to fly before 10am but it turned out that the wind had developed way before that. At 6:30am it was already at 11kts, gusting to 16, and 40 degrees cross to the runway with the crosswind runways closed for maintenance. The wind would turn further cross during the morning and also increase to 20+ knots, so I decided to just take a quick hop around the pattern as I has not flown for a few weeks due to a vacation.
The good thing about this blown out morning is that I finally got to remove the last trace of the Blue Plague from the bottom of the left wing.

Not a very good photo but I hope you can see the lack of any blue plastic sheeting on the bottom skin.
I guess that completed the build :-).

Next I will really have to take care of the unpainted plastic and fiberglass surfaces as the sun is starting to take its toll on the surfaces.