Thursday, December 22, 2011

Too cold to drill

This year my planning is really completely off. Right when I was getting ready to drill the plexiglass aft window as part of the fitting process of the canopy frame, the temperatures in Tucson dropped significantly. And they stayed low.
I am too afraid to drill the plexiglass at these temps of below 60F and cause cracks, so I am holding off on this step.
Unfortunately, there is not much else I could do right now that would then create a problem or at least some obstacles for the final avionics installation. Even just putting the fuselage on wheels could be something I might regret later when I have to then crawl into the tail cone to install what used to be the magnetometer with the D-180. Without the landing gear attached I can still turn the fuselage on its side and do this job by working from the aft window area.
So, to pass the time until the avionics package is available, I reinvigorated my shooting activities. I got myself a nice Stoeger over/under to see if I like Skeet/Trap and also finished putting together a Remington 700 for some small game hunting.
Still, I can't wait until this SkyView package is ready for me to order!