Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Final N-number reserved

After some time of reserving different N-numbers for the final registration, today my ultimate number became available for reservation. I put my bid in and succeeded.
RV-12 #120374 will be registered as N128TL.
And just now the temperatures seem to calm down as we're heading towards Fall weather here in Tucson. I believe that I will be to catch up this week and particularly on the weekend with my interrupted cowl fitting.
Stay tuned ....

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Cowl Work

Tucson is currently not a place to be. Humidity is ridiculously high and the sun is still shining all day, so being outside is simply dreadful.
This is my excuse for not being too enthusiastic right now to work on the cowl. All this dusty work has to happen outside and I can only take so much of this heat right now.

Tonight I spent about an hour working on some fine trimming on the bottom cowl in the nose section. The edges had to get trimmed to allow the top cowl to sit snug.

I wasn't really sure about the trimming of the inside edges. The plans don't show it clearly but the scribe lines clearly show that this should get cut off. I did so, knowing that anything odd would be covered by the prop hub and the spinner.

It's raining right now, so hopefully tomorrow might be a bit cooler. I wouldn't bet any money on that forecast though.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Initial Cowl Trimming Done

Step one on page 38-02 is finally done. Took me only 5.5 hours to do the initial trimming of the cowl.

Next step should be to install the propeller hub and the spinner backplate to have a reference for the cowl alignment.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cowl Work Started

The first step working on the cowl was to enhance the scribe lines as to actually be able to see them while rough trimming the cowl.

Before I enhanced the upper cowl I just had to put it in place and see how the whole thing would look like ...

Then I started the rough trimming with the cutting wheel.

Followed by some fine trimming with the pneumatic die grinder. It's a lot of dust and the compressor can absolutely not keep up with my demand for air, so I couldn't finish the lower cowl just yet,

More of this nasty work will follow ....